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Mr. Ved Prakash

An Alumnus of St. Stephen’s College, Delhi, after completing his Master’s Degree in Physics and special interest in vacuum science & technology, joined as a research scientist at National Physical Laboratory (NPL, New Delhi) 

Vacuum Instruments Company (VICO) was born under Scientist Entrepreneur scheme through CSIR in the year 1973.

The vision was simple. To create, develop and manufacture high quality vacuum systems and machinery to make a self-reliant India, due to sanctions by the US and other developed nations at the time.

Many first-of-its-kind developments were possible due to the vision of  Sh. Ved Prakashjee in the field of vacuum science and technology and have contributed immensely to various Government organisations (Space, Defence, Nuclear power,  Educational Institutes and R&D labs), of this country.

During his tenure, an INDO-US project of making scanning tunneling microscope (STM), used for obtaining atomic-scale images of metal surfaces was accomplished, giving him well-deserved International recognition as well.


For close to five decades now, VICO is relentlessly working in the field of vacuum science & technology, providing services to both Government organisations and industry.


We can say with pride that:

  • We have grown to be a leading name in manufacturing high quality vacuum systems and high vacuum metallizing plants.

  • We have several Plants of all descriptions working successfully all over the country and abroad.

  • We have a track record of 100% success and reputation of solid dependability and service.

  • R & D aimed at product improvements.

Our activities are:

  • Standard range of Vacuum systems, equipment and coating plants in horizontal and vertical twin-door configurations.

  • Vacuum glass mirror coating plants for large size sheet glass reflective mirrors, automotive rear-side view mirrors, telescopic mirrors and mirrors for parabolic dish for solar applications.

  • High vacuum metallizing plants for helmet visors and multi-coating evaporations for optical coatings.

  • Thermal evaporation coating units and laboratory scale sputtering systems and vacuum furnaces.

  • Vacuum pirani-penning gauge, vacuum fittings and components.

  • Lubricants for vacuum pumping systems like rotary and diffusion pumps, consumables, evaporation sources and specialty materials.


Custom requirements for vacuum compatible chambers, cryo-sample holders, plumbing lines and valves.

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