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High Vacuum Metallizing Plants

Thermal Evaporation or Vacuum Metallizing is a method for coating a thin layer in which the source material evaporates in a vacuum due to high temperature heating, the evaporated material traverses the vacuum chamber with thermal energy and coats the substrate.

Evaporation is accomplished by passing current through heating element or "evaporation source" containing the material to be deposited. Purity of the deposited film depends on the quality of the vacuum, and on the purity of the source material.
‘VICO’ offers an extensive range of Industrial Vacuum Coating Plants for a  wide variety of applications. These Plants are comprehensively engineered and incorporate the latest innovations. The quality of vacuum achieved and sustained depends primarily on the quality of fabrication of vacuum chamber and its integration with quality pumping system. High vacuum usually requires multi-stage pumping system that necessarily have a Diffusion Pump.  VICO has experience of fabricating vacuum systems for Five decades. Manufacturing High vacuum metalizing plants in Horizontal and Vertical Double Door (Twin-Door) configuration in different size as per customer’s requirement.

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